Best Headphones Under 50$

Best headphones under 50

Music is a great escape from all your stress and trouble at times. And with a pair of great headphones that experience can be soothing and satisfying. However, most of times you need to pay a chunk of money to get a good pair of headphones. That’s why we came in with a solution. Here, … Read more

Best headphones under 300

Best headphones under 300

Anyone who loves music won’t minding spending some extra money on a headphone. If you are in love with music you would want to have the best experience while listening to it. A good pair of headphones can cost you a good amount of money. But if you are getting the right one it will … Read more

Best headphones under 200

Best headphones under 200

Headphones have a lot to do with your music listening experience. A pair of bad headphones can even ruin your taste of music no matter how good the songs are. So, you must have a pair of good headphones to accompany good music. But making that choice seems to be quite tough as there are … Read more

Best Headphones Under 500

Best Headphones Under 500

Well, being honest a headphone costing $500 might be a bit too much. However, they surely provide value to that price with amazing features as well. In some cases, the price might even feel justified considering the quality you get from such headphones. And to the people who are deep into music and audio stuff, … Read more

Best Headphones For Video Editing

Best headphones for video editing

Many times, a crucial component to any video is the audio quality it. And to make sure you create an amazing experience of the video you have to provide quality audio editing as well. That’s why in video editing having a good headphone is as important as having a quality monitor. If you are looking … Read more

Best Surround Sound Headphones

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Anyone would love to have headphones that come with excellent sound quality. Especially for the music enthusiasts and gamers, a good headphone is a big deal. However, most modern games feature surrounding sounds which are very important elements for winning games. Thus, to experience surround sounds you will need a pair of the best surround … Read more

Best open back headphones for gaming

In terms of buying headphones there are various types of choices you can get. Among all of them open back headphones have a different place in gaming. Open back headphones are usually headphones that tend to have a speaker facing outside the earpads. These are great for gaming because of the immersive sound you get … Read more

Best Studio Headphones Under 100

best studio headphones under 100

For any kind of music production, a pair of good headphones is a must. In fact, without a good headphone or sound output, you can’t produce quality music at all. However, you must have a pair of studio headphones. But making that choice gets really difficult among so many options you get to see online. … Read more

Best Over-ear Headphone Under 50

Best Over-ear Headphone Under 50

Going for a good pair of over-ear headphones can cost you quite a lot of money. Moreover, the ones that don’t cost you much money don’t come with satisfying quality. However, there are some exceptional products out there. Here, we bring you the best over-ear headphones under 50. Thus, once you check them out you … Read more